Your Feedback from the Art, Revolution & Ownership Event

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on October 12, 2011 – 10:59pm

“Well, I thought the calibre of the discussion & work presented in the Tiki lounge was just great. The space wasn’t that suitable — hot & crowded, however picturesque. As for the exhibits, others will know better than I, but it didn’t appear that a lot of people saw the art. I’m not sure it was the best venue, though I don’t know the town, and was only there on 2 occasions….”


“I thought that the event was superb! It was well organized, thoughtfully curated, used a novel format, integrative and really brought out contributions from a wide range of types of people interested in these sorts of issues. Martha should be congratulated for such a fine effort!”


“Sure, I’ve got some feedback from the process, was just thinking about
it as i just finished up another show and have a bit of time to reflect.
It was fantastic working at W2 and breaking new ground there. Think
this was exciting for a lot of people, passers by and those who work
there. Logistics were a bit tight for my liking, but this seems to be
the way with everything once a certain amount of people/institutions
are involved. The install at the waldorf was similar, a lot of people
at a huge event that all came together quite well, but was quite
rushed at the last minute.

Just as the other projects that i’ve worked on this fall,
communication between people/groups are just as important as the
creation process for the artists and curators involved. I try at
times to step back and observe how people treat and speak to one
another, and what gets said that helps and hurts the process as a whole.

As an artist, working with two groups of people at both institutions
was a great experience. Met a lot of new people and got to process
two different sites for my work to be shown. The talks both days were
fantastic. I took a lot away from both of them and had no problem
sitting in a hot tiki lounge or staying after a solid day’s work at W2
to listen to some fascinating discussions.

Thank you and give Martha a big congratulations from me.”



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