What is a maker?

Submitted by martha on October 20, 2015 – 4:51pm

Today the delightful Joy Garnett said something I want to remember: “Maker is a word used by those who used to be referred to as craftsman. Where “craft” or “craftsy” has a trivial connotation, supposedly, “maker” elevates the perception of it as “an art form” but with utility beyond art. Blah blah. It started as an ointment for the chip on the shoulder. Now, like all those words, it’s been coopted by the tech sector, or parts of it. Basically, all the words except artist imply something with a standing in markets and commerce, whereas “artist” has a connotation of one standing beside the market. . . . [or] despite the market.”  http://joygarnett.net/

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