The W’s of Accountability

What is a charity accountable for and to whom?

March 5, 2012
9:30am – 3: 30pm
Alliance for Arts & Culture Boardroom
938 Howe St, Suite 100
Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-3535

This free interactive workshop will explore accountability issues of registered charities to stakeholders. It will emphasize both federal and provincial legal accountability. Areas of legal accountability include reporting, maintaining books and records, issuing donation receipts, fundraising and other requirements. During the workshop, the participants will have a chance to use resource materials to determine how these tools may enhance their accountability practices. The resource materials include a self-diagnostic pack, a handbook, calendar, tip sheets, Office in a Box and materials on B.C. legislative requirements.
If you are a board member, Executive Director or a senior manager of a non-profit or charitable organization, this workshop is for you.
Presented by Charity Central with the Artists’ Legal Outreach. Charity Central ( is a project of the Legal Resource Centre of Alberta with a financial contribution from the Canada Revenue Agency. Since 2008, Charity Central has been developing resource materials and presenting workshops in western Canada on legal compliance requirements for registered charities.

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