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I’m a photographer

I’m a photographer Photography is the oldest part of the Act. In 2012, it finally evolved with the technology. In 2012, the Copyright Act was amended and photographers now own the copyright in a photograph they take. That did not used to be the case – the copyright of a photo belonged to the person […]

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I’m a painter

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I’m a painter Once your painting or visual art work is finished, you can control its reproduction, exhibition, distribution in any media, anywhere in the world. The exhibition right is an important right for visual artists since it has established that an exhibition fee ought to be paid to artists. It is important to know […]

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Copyright Toolkits

The ALO is pleased to present our toolkits. These toolkits have been designed to provide artists with a basic understanding of copyright and copyright related issues. We are in the process of revising, researching and adding to the toolkits so stay tuned for more updates. What do I need to know?  What is covered under […]

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What is a maker?

Submitted by martha on October 20, 2015 – 4:51pm Today the delightful Joy Garnett said something I want to remember: “Maker is a word used by those who used to be referred to as craftsman. Where “craft” or “craftsy” has a trivial connotation, supposedly, “maker” elevates the perception of it as “an art form” but […]

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The Artist As User: the Problem with UGC in the new Copyright Act

Submitted by martha on August 6, 2013 – 1:04pm As I am preparing my course Cultural Production & the Law. I am setting aside a class to discuss user generated content. A refrain from anyone who has heard me speak knows that I do not see the utility of this provision. In Teresa Scassa’s article: […]

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