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671122 Ontario Ltd. V. Sagaz Industries Canada Inc. [2001] 2 S.C.R. 983, 2001 SCC 59

Actor Player Casting Agreement

Actor Release Form

Application for Registration of a Copyright (and Instructions)

Application for Registration of a Copyright in Other Subject-matter (and Instructions)

Artist Management Agreements

Artist Studio Guidelines

Artists From Abroad: Complete Guide to Immigration & Tax Requirements

Bargaining Power In The Typical Recording Industry Negotiation

Basic Dance Agreement

Bill C-60’s Changes to the Copyright Act Are Theft

Bill C-60: An Act to Amend the Copyright Act

BMG Canada Inc. v. John Doe

Boiler Plate In Recording Industry Contracts, The

Booking Agent Agreement

Botanical Interventions: Open Source Landscape and Community Repair

British Columbia Animation Agreement: 2014-2017

Business and Professional Income

Business Practices – How You Sell

Business Practices – What You Sell

Canada Revenue Agency and the Performing Arts in Canada – Fact Sheet

Canada Revenue Agency Not to Appeal RWB Appeal Decision

Canadian Ballet Agreement with the National Ballet of Canada

Canadian Opera Agreement

Canadian Performers: How to Enter the United States

Closure of the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal

CARCC: General Information

CARCC: Request for License Form

CARFAC Fee Schedule – Advertising and Commercial Copyright Fees

CARFAC Fee Schedule – Artists’ Professional Fees

CARFAC Fee Schedule – Exhibition Fees

CARFAC Fee Schedule – Reproduction Copyright Fees

CCH Canadian Limited v. Law Society of Upper Canada

Choosing an Executor – Being an Executor

CMRRA: Pay-As-You-Press

Collective Agreement: ACFC West and CMPA

Collective Agreements and the Employment Standards Act

Commercial Music Agreement

Composer (as Contractor) / Producer Model Agreement

Consent and Release Form

Consultation Paper on Digital Copyright Issues

Consulting / Independent Contractor: Business Sourcing Guide

Copyright Act

Copyright Board of Canada: Our Mandate and Directive on Procedure

Copyright Collective Societies

Copyright Kit

Daily Stunt Performer Contract: Theatrical Motion Pictures

Daily Stunt Performer Contract: TV Motion Pictures or Videotape

Day Performer Contract – Theatrical Motion Pictures

Day Performer Contract – TV Motion Pictures or Videotape

Distribution Agreements

Employee or Independent Contractor

Employment Expenses 2017

Employment of Young People in the B.C. Entertainment Industry

Employment Standards Act

Employment Standards Regulation

Equipment Rental Agreement

Etes-vous une artiste francophone? Cliquez ici

Exemptions and Specific Arrangements for Foreign Workers in Film and Entertainment

External Borrowing Agreement (Props)

Factsheet: The Copyright Act

Form 1: Complaint Form

Forms 2016: T1 General British Columbia

Freelance Actors Contract

Freelance Contractor Agreement

Freelance Performer Agreement

Government of Canada Introduces Bill C-60 to Amend the Copyright Act

Group Hires in the Entertainment Industry

Group Release

Guide 1: The BC Human Rights Code and Tribunal

Guide 2: Making a Complaint and Guide to Completing a Complaint Form

Guide to Copyrights

Handbook on Creators’ Rights

How CPP / EI Rulings Work

How To Get A Record Deal, Or Not

How Your Copyright Application is Processed

Human Rights Code

IAEL 2005 Celebrity

Income Tax Act Bulletin: Performing Artists

Income Tax Act Bulletin: Visual Artists and Writers

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement: Live Models

Independent Opera Producers Agreement

Independent Theatre Agreement

Information for B.C. Actors, Performers and Background Performers (extras)

Investment Agreements & Musicians

Jobs Exempt from Work Permit Requirement

Labour Relations Code

Labour Relations Regulation

Law of Advocacy by Charitable Organizations, The case for change

Law Society of BC’s Professional Conduct Handbook, The

Legislative Summary: Bill C-60: An Act to Amend the Copyright Act


Licensing Your Image Onto Manufactured Goods

Loanout Agreement

Location Agreement

Location Contract

Location Release Form

Location Release Form Releases

MAVMAO: A Guide to Contracts

Minimum 3-Day Contract – TV, Motion Pictures or Videotape

Minimum Freelance 3-Day Contact: TV Motion Pictures

Minimum Freelance Contract – Theatrical Motion Pictures

Minimum Freelance Weekly Contract – TV or Videotape

Minimum Freelance – Stunt Performer Contract – TV or Videotapes

Minimum Weekly Freelance Contract – Theatrical Motion Pictures

Minor Information and Release Form

Minor Release From School Form

Musician Release Form

Opera Agreement 2016-2019

Original Music Licensing Agreement

Partnership Agreements Among Band Members

Performer Contract Interactive Programming

Performer’s Videocassette Release

Personal Release

Personal Release – Payment

Picture Lock Agreement

Power of Attorney

Producer “Spec” Deals

Producer Agreement (Short Form)

Producer’s Checklist

Product Placement Release

Production Location Contract

Production Location Release

Proprietor / Partnership vs. Incorporation?

Public Guardian and Trustee

Publishing Agreements 101

Record Producer Agreements

Recording Agreements 101

Release and Authorization to Photograph or Otherwise Record

Release – Film, Tape Footage

Residential Tenancy Act

Royal Winnipeg Ballet v. Canada (Minister of National Revenue – M.N.R.)

Sample Letter Requesting Permission to Reproduce Copyrighted Material

Sample Licensing

SOCAN: Licensing FAQs

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) v. Canadian Assn. of Internet Providers

Standard Freelance Publication Agreement

Starting a Small Business in British Columbia

Status of the Artist Act

Statutory Holidays

Stunts / Special Effects – Release and Authorization

Submission Release

Supplying a Film / Tape Clip (Promotional Purposes)

Talent Release Form

Talent Use of Name and Likeness in a Film or TV Clip

Tax Issues for Employed Members

Tax Issues for Self-Employed Members

Temporary Foreign Workers

Tenant Survival Guide

Ultra Low Budget Productions

Unlocatable Copyright Owners

Use of Literary Material

Use of Name

Use of Still Photograph

Use of Trademark or Logo

Vancouver Opera Agreement

Videocassette Release

Volunteers & The Law: A guide for volunteers, organizations and boards

Wolf v. R.

Working Temporarily in Canada

Writing Your Will

Written Consent Form by Parent or Guardian For Child’s Employment as a Performer

Your Appeal Rights