The continued success of the Artist Legal Outreach (ALO) depends upon the generous commitment of time and resources made by volunteer lawyers. The ALO provides a unique and exciting opportunity for young or experienced lawyers to become involved in the artistic community and contribute meaningfully to the legal profession. Lawyers can contribute to the ALO in a variety of ways:

The Clinic – Lawyers who volunteer with the Clinic are scheduled on rotation, based on the number of intakes received and the monthly availability of each lawyer. As a volunteer lawyer, you will provide summary legal advice and write a brief summary of the advice given. Up to two volunteer law students may sit in on the Clinic and ask questions following the appointment.

Legal Education, Resources and ALO Events – The ALO encourages dialogue between the legal and artistic communities through workshops, forums and conferences. Lawyers can support the ALO’s activities by providing legal research, writing issue-specific articles, speaking, event planning, marketing, and fundraising.

Lawyer Referral List –
 Lawyers with expertise in a particular area of law may be added to the ALO’s lawyer referral list, which is provided to clients who have legal matters that are too complex to be addressed through the Clinic. Additions to the referral list are at the discretion of the ALO’s legal director.

The ALO is approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for insurance purposes.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following form:

Lawyer Volunteer Form (online)

Please also review the Access Pro Bono insurance coverage requirements here.

Don’t have time but still want to support the arts? Make a donation. The ALO is run entirely by donations and volunteers. Contributions go towards the cost of running clinics; putting on workshops; creating and updating resources; and running the website. Any amount helps. Thank you.