June 15 – Art Law Talks: A Visual Artist Panel on the COVID-19 Experience

Heading into phase 3, how are visual artists faring? In our needs assessment surveying 1,150 Canadian artists, arts organizations, and legal experts, we found that issues such as copyright, contracts, employment, and more are just a few of the many challenges facing creative workers today. For this panel discussion we will be joined by Director of the Eastside Culture Crawl Society Esther Rausenberg, as well as East Coast visual artist Nadia Gohar to expand on the visual artist experience in COVID-19, and how this community can move forward.

About Martha Rans
Martha Rans is a lawyer specializing in the legal needs of non-profit societies as well as many visual and multimedia digital artists. More about Martha.

About Esther Rausenberg
Esther Rausenberg is a photo-based artist who has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Croatia and is a recipient of Canada Council and BC Arts Council grants. More about Esther.

About Nadia Gohar
Nadia Gohar is a Toronto based artist whose mixed media practice combine elements of sculpture, video, painting, and photography to explore themes of identity, migration, and diaspora. More about Nadia.