In case you thought things were different in Brazil

Submitted by martha on October 30, 2011 – 5:17pm

Dear videomaker,
Your video “Chug Chug Chug Go Go Go” has been blocked because it seems to have images that infringe copyrights laws.

To use still pictures or moving images made by another person, you must have their written consent. If you do not have it, you cannot use the images. Therefore, make your own images or ask an authorization to the person who has made them. Nowadays, there are many different types of licenses that allow you to use images for free. This is the case of images licensed though Creative Commons – attribution (by), which requires you to simply quote who made the images. Remember that in the One Minute Festival we need the license for the commercial exploitation of your video. Therefore, it is not enough to use images with a license for non-commercial use. Also, do not forget to ask for the written consent of the actors or whoever appeared in your video. This is to ensure that nobody will complain of being part of the movie once it starts to be shown on the Internet and elsewhere!

If you own the rights of all images in your video, please send an email to informing this situation.

To find out more about Creative Commons, access

To find images with this kind of license you can access and check the ‘Search for works I can use for commercial purposes’ box or search for them in the main search engines, like e o

To find out more about copyrights in general access

Best wishes

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