Exhibition at NFF

Exhibition at NFF

We will be presenting an exhibition in the form of three living labs at the Waldorf Hotel from September 9th – 11th.


Living Lab One is our war room.  In it Marching to May by Faith Moosang will be shown next to video projections of Hart Snider’s Newshole War Coverageand Diyan Achadi’s Camouflagehead.  They are viewed together with Sonny Assu’s iHamatsa_rise. These works pose important questions about the nature of political representation, and our responses to it. Even though most of the imagery has been abstracted through manipulation of some sort, each of the art works contain elements that have been suppressed at different times by a thesis committee, a broadcaster or VANOC.


Living Lab Two is our homage to the Group of Seven.  It features Diana Thorneycroft’s Group of Seven Awkward Moments (White Pine and the Group of  Dwarfs) and Ben Reeves Goose 5.  Both pieces are  reflections on the iconic Canadian landscape re-imagined and replicated, and reference the original Group of Seven  by transforming their paintings into something quite different. Also featured is the work, Cereal Box by Sonny Assu, in which the viewer is invited to question how we see Canadian territory.


Living Lab Three features a mural by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas based on his book of Haida Manga :“Red.” This along with Ben Reeves’ work in progress, “Borges Comic”, offers us another perspective on transformation – specifically the recontextualization of text and tradition to other media.

Featured Artists

Diyan Achjadi

Sonny Assu

Josh Hite

Faith Moosang

Ben Reeves

Hart Snider

Diana Thorneycroft

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas