Bio – Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas


Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is a West Coast artist and political activist.  His work has been exhibited, collected and commissioned around the world.  In addition, he continues to publish books, including RED: A Haida Manga and Old Growth.  Yahgulanaas’ work is informed by his decades long involvement with other Haida peoples on issues relating to land, social justice and environmental concerns, as well as his studies of a variety of artistic traditions, including Haida formline, Chinese brush painting and Japanese manga illustration.  Drawing from these various sources, Yahgulanaas developed a distinctive style that fuses traditional Haida imagery and stories with the comic-graphic form of Japanese manga — a fusion that sits at the productive intersection of tradition and originality.  Yahgulanas art work frequently blurs boundaries, such as those between high and low, quotidian and mystic, popular and esoteric.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, he expresses skepticism about the appropriateness of copyright law when applied to artworks and believes that artists ought to “share in the secondary market of works.”