Bio – Diyan Achjadi

Diyan is very interested in how copies, and the right to copy, are seen in the law for a number of reasons.  She teaches printmaking and makes prints, and print media is predicated on the idea of making multiples.  There is a long history in contemporary art practice of commenting / critiquing / responding to previously existing works, which is sometimes manifested through remaking or copying the preceding works.  As people’s experiences become more mediated, so for many people will the genesis of their works — again, as a way to comment, engage, and critique.

Camouflagehead is an experimental video Diyan completed in 2000 in response to the May 1998 riots in Jakarta, Indonesia, that led up to the resignation of Suharto (who had been president since 1966).  Images of soldiers and weapons, gathered from electronic news sources, are animated and projected onto a head enshrouded in camouflage.  The men march on her skin, and aim.  Her body is incised with virtual scars.  Daily news of atrocities, terror, and warfare invade the home, and are absorbed into her psyche.  Her body breaks out into hives of soldiers, rashes of camouflage.