Bill C-11 – Next Steps

Submitted by martha on March 20, 2012 – 10:13am

The clause by clause is complete and there is now an amended Bill C-11. Sadly the amendments do not address the many concerns that I, and many creators and educators I know, have about the impact of C-11. I have read a good amount of commentary over the last few weeks – all the usual suspects weighing in. I rarely read all the comments on Michael Geist’ s site but today I did and found one I thought worthy of comment: Crockett asked: Will the public come to accept these increasing restrictions of copyright as just and necessary to protect the rights and livelihoods of creators, or will they see them as intrusive and the avarice of the media industry? This one question captures the tone and tenor of this debate. Many folks believe that in their dislike for the avarice of the “media industry” they are justified in The intrusiveness that they complain is built into the digital technology by those who have the capacity to do so? With all due respect to Crockett most creators that I know are opposed to the restrictions on copyright contained in C-11. They do not want to be subject to prosecution for accessing materials that arguably they need to

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