Art is not Information

Submitted by martha on January 17, 2012 – 9:14am

This morning I listened to a Swedish Church of Copinism. Information is holy – all information is philosophically the same in their view and file sharing is a religious ritual. When asked whether all information was equally valuable he said no but there was no follow-up. So it seems we are in fact gadgets or a collection of 0’s and 1’s.

James (day job in technology) Kamloops. Multimedia company owner. information be open not to be stopped. Sean Vilier (Pirate Party) right to practice a belief information is sacred. words and letters, ideas conveyed beforehand.

I’d like to ask Sean if he paid for his phone? his sweatshirt, how about his shoes, his haircut? relaity check if you want to pay for it then figure out ways to pay for it lazy thinking.
Culture has indeed been commoditized to such an extent that yes we don’t want to pay labels the solution is not to demand that consumers are king. Belief system that culture should be free – normative belief that they have is totally at odds. piracy to open as a continuum. Issue is ownership. Some artists will own others won’t – why do consumers refuse to accept artistic choice? why have their normative stance demand in effect that they control consumption. They have elevated the right to consume to the right to be.

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